Two babies, two weeks

My babies are two weeks old! After my horrible pregnancy, I totally deserved the easy delivery I got. I was induced around 8am, had about an hour of painful contractions midday, got my epidural, and was ready to push before 7pm. I delivered in the operating room because baby b was breech, but she came out feet first just after 7:30, three minutes after her sister. Unfortunately, I had bad bleeding and the pressing of my stomach to get the clots out was torture. But the babies were soon brought to us wearing their “a” and “b” hats. They are perfect.

I hated staying in the hospital. The nurses never stop harassing you, but never manage to bring you what you need. I didn’t feel like eating the whole time and slept no more than an hour or two at a time. Still, everyone was kind and knew a lot about breastfeeding. Which is why, I’m certain, we’ve been successful at breastfeeding almost exclusively.

We’ve obviously had ups and downs. The first few nights were rough, unsurprisingly. After that, they started sleeping in four- hour stretches. And then we hit some bumps with feeding and have had a really tough time. Plus, my husband is back at work now, working nights. I’d give anything to be able to feed them at the same time. Just having to listen to one cry while the other one eats is awful. Breastfeeding pillows don’t work for me at all. They mainly eat with me on my side. My wrists get horribly sore in any other position except tummy to tummy leaning way back, which works for when we are out. I’ll see if anyone at a La Leche League meeting has tandem feeding tips soon.

I’m having the time of my life. We’ve taken them to Target twice and today we went to the mall! Alice and Roxanne are the best tiny humans ever.



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