Friday Mixology

Friday is almost here. Are you prepared? Friday evening is when I do my best at-home cocktailing. Ending the week with a drinking ritual without having to leave the basement is more than ideal.

If you’ve ever had a free cocktail at a casino, then you know that they can be pretty unreliable. They’re often too sweet, or not sweet enough, and usually doused with more alcohol than you’d planned on. That is, after all, the casino’s best bet for getting that bit of extra money out of you. But if you’ve spent as much time as I have strolling through neon casinos and jumping from slot machine to slot machine as a delightfully bad cover band plays in the background, then it’s possible you’ve come to appreciate campy daiquiris made from bulk-bought cocktail base and topped with cheap whipped cream and a cherry.

I kind of like how cheap and dirty the brand name “Creamie” looks and sounds, especially when turning it into something slightly elicit. I was actually wandering through the grocery store when the idea struck me: Turn Creamies into cocktails.

The Creamie Banana Colada

One banana Creamie
One ounce of Malibu coconut rum
One ounce of pineapple juice

Place the Creamie in a glass and pour the rum and juice over it. Carefully cut the Creamie off the stick and mix with an immersion blender.

Margaritas are the exact opposite of daiquiris and coladas. They’re a beverage instead of a dessert; they are measured more carefully; they have a savory touch: the salt. The salt, for me, is nearly the best part. Unlike daiquiris and coladas, I can remember all of the great margaritas I have had. The very best one, I mean TWO, were served in mason jars at Iguana Joe’s in Aruba’s Paseo Horencia Mall. It stands in my memory as one of my favorite meals. The air was hot and sticky. The sun was going down and we could see the fountain putting on its light show from the balcony of the restaurant. I had fries with a side of queso and a dripping, messy, dirty chili burger. After I was just drunk enough, we wandered through the mall and ate crepes filled with Nutella. The crepes were served to us by one of Aruba’s famously flirty, shirtless young boys. The whole memory makes me ache to go back. And so I drown the pain in the margarita that I’ve managed to recreate.


Equal parts tequilla, sweetened lime juice, water, and triple sec
Dump in a shaker with plenty of ice and mix
Poor into a salt-rimmed glass
(This particular glass is rimmed with Hawaiian sea salt, which is peach-colored and earthy. Look for exotic sea salts in gourmet super markets.)


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